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About Us | Health 1st Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Inver Grove Heights, MN

In practice since 2008, Dr. Gina Rivas-Castro understands that health is your family’s greatest asset.

I’ve made it my personal mission to change the health of our community by educating people about wellness, expressing your body’s fullest potential for health by having a properly functioning nervous system, nourishing your body and fitness.

Natural Healing

Are you interested in a natural way to help your child’s body heal itself? We believe that healing and health comes from within and not the other way around. ChiHealth1st(365of419)ropractic care can free your child’s body of nerve interferences and lead to a well-adjusted nervous system that functions at its peak potential. If your child is struggling with a particular health issue we ask that you seriously consider taking the opportunity to have their nervous system checked. Dr. Gina will discuss any underlying causes of your child’s health issue and then will actually provide you some solutions to correcting the underlying cause of the issue.

Your Amazing Natural Healing Abilities

The philosophy behind what we do is based on the idea that your body can heal and adapt to the chemical, physical, and emotional stressors placed upon it in our activities of daily living. We hope to positively impact your family’s health on every visit, seeking to make you have a pleasant experience and look forward to seeing us again, as we do you. We’re grateful that you entrust your family’s health to us and do all we can to make your lives improve. Visit our office in Inver Grove Heights and the South Saint Paul area!

We love to see babies and kids in our office, benefiting from chiropractic care at an early age. Schedule your family’s appointment today!

Health 1st Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Address: 2922 Upper 55th St E, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

Phone: (651) 455-5463