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About Us

Dr. Gina Rivas-Castro attended Northwestern Health Sciences University for her chiropractic education. She entered practice in 2008 with a vision. That dream came true when she opened Health 1st Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

Our team’s mission is simple: to improve the health of families in our community. We do so with individualized plans of care that are tailored around your particular goals. We’ll perform a thorough examination using INSiGHT state of the art technology that will guide us in letting us know how well your nervous system is functioning and adapting. Combined with your history and desired outcomes, you’ll receive a plan of care that’s tailored to you.

An Emphasis on Pregnancy and Pediatric Care

Dr. Gina is certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in pediatric chiropractic and the Webster Technique for pregnant women. Many expecting mothers come in to receive care for low back and hip pain. We also have the privilege of being part of mothers to be pre-natal team, empowering them to have the birthing experience they desire. Too often, people assume that aches and pains are an inevitable part of pregnancy. After having your alignment and nervous system corrected, you can have more energy in addition to experience a better pregnancy as well as labor and delivery.

Many of our patients are infants and children, brought in by their parents who have exhausted all options for common pediatric conditions. We do not take lightly the amount of trust placed upon the staff at Health 1st Chiropractic & Wellness Center to be able to provide chiropractic care to children and families in our community. It brings us joy returning happy, healthy children to their parents once we have restored function to their nervous system.

We Understand What It’s Like to Be In Pain

Dr. Gina has experienced her own health struggles and understands the suffering that is involved in trying to function with chronic pain. Learned adaptations to her lifestyle, workouts and adjusting techniques have allowed her to successfully manage a daily routine. Dr. Gina understands what a vital part Chiropractic plays in her overall wellness, so she can continue to do what she loves.

Your body, too, has the ability to heal itself. At Health 1st we simply provide the right education and environment to unlock the bodies self-healing capabilities.

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