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Chiropractic Care

The idea behind chiropractic is simple: your nervous system is responsible for running the show. Every heartbeat, all the food you digest, each breath you take is undergone at the direction of the brain, which sends the message out to each body part via your nerves. If there is interference in the nervous system, these messages will not get through.

The Corrections You Need

Chiropractic finds the areas of interference in your nervous system, then corrects them so that you can function at your optimum. The chiropractic adjustment is used to make these corrections. Dr. Gina uses a variety of techniques to adjust you, including

  • Diversified
  • Drop table
  • Activator┬«
  • Extremity adjusting
  • Graston
  • Webster Technique

We will talk you through each step of the adjustment before starting, making sure all your questions are answered first. If you have a preference on how to be adjusted, just let Dr. Gina know so she can accommodate you.

Who Is Chiropractic Right For?

People seek out chiropractic care for a variety of different reasons. We welcome all ages. With our many techniques and years of experience, we can address any concerns you have. Contact us today to start experiencing the benefits of chiropractic!

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