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Gift-giving Using Love Languages

Though we all have differing traditions and tales of yore that come into play every Christmas season, the vast majority of those whom I know somehow involve the giving and receiving of presents. This makes sense when we think about what Christmas is truly all about.


What means the most to me, personally, when it comes to receiving gifts, is the intention behind it all. Maybe many of you can relate, but it becomes painfully obvious to me when I receive a gift that was preplanned and purchased vs. being the recipient of what feels like leftovers. For example, when I purchase/give Becca something that I know would really bless her without her even explicitly asking for it; this goes a lot farther than that baseball cap that I never wore and still had a tag on it, so…I gave it to my dad lol.


One of the reasons that I believe that this has so much more of a powerful impression, is that it is obvious that you have taken the time to get to know this loved one. You know their passions, likes/dislikes, goals, and desires. The opposite is also true. I remember receiving gifts as a kid, that were super cool…had I been 8 years younger.


I’m going to throw out a random blogging suggestion: Perhaps one thing that we can consider this December are some alternatives to our annual routine. Now, for those whom aren’t familiar, there is a well-documented ‘exam’ that is available online where a series of questions can help you to determine your “love language,” or how you best like to receive and give love. This isn’t a fool-proof mechanism, but if you can determine that the gift recipient is a fan of one of these categories, more than another, it could say a lot about the amount of time and thought you put into preparing an adequate “gift.” The 5 are:

1) Words of affirmation

2) Acts of service

3) Gifts

4) Physical Touch

5) Quality Time


So, what could this look like in practice? Let’s use my mother, as an example. I’m thoroughly convinced that Jeanette Baumgarn is half-angel. She has the biggest heart that I have ever seen, and though many may say that about their mother, she has 11 kids, so her giving is non-stop. Now, if I hadn’t spent time with Ma, I’d probably toss her another pie tin or muffin pan, since she does a lot of baking. This is actually something, I’m sure that she’d really love. But, I also know that my Mom loves a clean house (an act of service) , so a more appropriate ‘gift’ in my mind, would be to secretly have her two best friends take her out to dinner while us kids go ham on the kitchen, dining room floor, vacuuming carpets, etc. Then, when she comes back…cue tears (Dang. That’s actually a really good idea. Hmm…).


What about you? Do you know your loved ones well enough to determine what would mean the most to them, this year? Perhaps, there’s a relative that would KILL for 3 hours together vs. another Hallmark card, whereas, your little nephew wants nothing more than the latest Paw Patrol set.


Now, there is obviously only so much of you to go around, and I am not trying to add additional stress to the time of year that much of the industrialized world describes as the ‘most stressful’ time, as it is. However, if you get a little extra time to think, and REALLY want to bless someone in a way that you haven’t before, take a second to write out how you think that person receives love, best. (The questionnaire is helpful, but not absolutely essential).


Do you have additional examples of alternative gift ideas that we could utilize at Health 1st, in our own individual families? Please share with us!

Until next time,

– Brock Baumgarn, CA, Nutrition Consultant, Health 1st Chiropractic

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