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In Case You Missed These 4 Areas While Spring Cleaning

With my sister just graduating high school, and another one completing her college degree, we’ve had a lot of “spring cleaning,” taking place within our home and school walls. Recycling papers that they don’t need any longer, throwing away garbage that somehow missed the can months prior, or simply reorganizing scattered possessions before the transition takes place: this project always takes a little longer than anticipated. Witnessing their preparation got me thinking, “What kind of ‘spring cleaning,’ needs to take place in my own life?”

Dr. Gina and Brittany graciously gave me a blog break while my wife and I transitioned into parenthood for our little guy, Zyon Robert. It’s amazing how one’s perspectives shift now that there’s a vulnerable little one to care for. Paperwork from college that wasn’t being utilized is long gone. Pans in the fire for different hobbies or ‘future endeavors,’ have been disposed of. Bec and I don’t have the luxury of tons of additional time or space, especially in this season of Chiropractic school and starting a family; so we are pretty choosy with what remains.

As I expanded this thought process and took personal inventory, I recognized several additional categories of my life that were no longer serving a purpose of furthering the man/husband/dad I wanted to be. Here were some of the genres, if you will, that needed to be ‘spring-cleaned’ up:

1. Friendships. I’ve got some REALLY cool friends. I feel so blessed to have ‘the boys,’ from my days of undergrad. But, I’ve also got a number of acquaintances that’ll never crack the top 100 most significant individuals in my life, and that’s ok. It’s been far more helpful for me to pour into the relationships that are so critical to Becca and myself than attempting to reignite a relationship with a former teammate that doesn’t give a darn. That’s not to say that I won’t be available and respond with courtesy should they reach out; but I want to be as effective as I can where my feet are.

2. Music. Odds are that if I have tunes going through my head, I’m going to end up singing those songs. But, if I don’t want Zy knowing (and, especially listening, to the lyrics) then what the heck am I doing, putting garbage into my brain, heart, and day? See ya later Eminem…

3. Social Media. This is admittedly very similar to the friendships category, but in a specific sphere. It also goes back to discussions we’ve had in the past about being careful about whom you surround yourself with (in person or otherwise). To be honest, my cousin’s, dog’s, uncle’s, sheep’s neighbor that continues to bash everything that I hold true and honorable, isn’t worth another audible gasp every time I scroll. *Delete…

4. Time-wasters. For our family, this meant Netflix. Bec and I would much rather witness our boy display his first big grin than watch Kiefer Sutherland taken on the perils of D.C. as president in Designated Survivor.

Now, I’m not telling you what to do. If you love Eminem, please understand that “Lose Yourself,” will always give your boy the chills. But, the way I see it, music, relationships, and other activities are either building up or taking away from the individual that I desire to be. In a world full of technology and stimuli every way we turn, I’m learning that in 2021, it’s important for me to control the controllables as much as I physically can.

But, I would like to leave you with this question: what’s that one thing that needs to be ‘Spring-cleaned,’ or disposed of in your own life? Is it one of the categories that I just hit on, or is it something else completely? Or maybe you’ve already done this, and you’ve experienced more freedom than you thought possible? Either way, we want to hear from you! Take care all and Skol Vikes!

Until next time,

-Brock Baumgarn CA, Nutrition Consultant, Health 1st Chiropractic and Wellness Center

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