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Is Social Media Junk Food?

Is Social Media Junk FoodWhen is the last time you overindulged in all foods sugary and processed? Been a while, that is probably due to the memory of a previous experience and how terrible you felt following a junk food binge.

It is amazing how the body has the ability to detect that toxicity and try to react or respond in various ways of removing toxins. As of late, I noticed this same body response after spending time on social media platforms. The symptoms were different of course including feeling anxious, stressed, tense, angry, and an overall sense of overwhelming.

After coming to this realization, I removed all social media apps from my phone and guess what, I’m never going back! I still receive things that people send me but no more endless numbing minutes of scrolling feeds. My knowledge of staying up to date on all things in the world now comes from reading various sources of news articles (needed for true objectiveness!) and research journals. I miraculously have time to read actual books now!

As the famous phrase states, “All things in Moderation,” now more than ever, pertains to our intake of social media.

In Brene Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection, she has action steps at the end of each chapter so using her model…

  1.  Get Deliberate: Be honest with yourself and evaluate how much time you are on social media apps? Ask yourself the purpose they serve? How was your life different before their existence?
  2. Get Inspired: You may be thinking that there is NO WAY that you can survive without Instagram. Last I checked, I’m still breathing :) I have more energy, focus, and feel like I am fully present for my kids. How often do you have a screen in front of you when you’re at home with the kiddos?
  3. Get Going: Give it a try, delete the apps off your devices for 14 days and see what you notice. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You feel emotionally better OR you end up putting them back on your phone.

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