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Meal Prepping Made Easy

We all do it. Good intentions to successfully navigate our health and diet and then…the time factor kicks in. “Oh nuts. Forgot to pack my lunch today. McDonalds it is…Kwik Trip it is…Canes it is…”. Sound familiar? The key to any true, long-lasting change starts with being proactive. I know that you know this to be true in everyday life: work tasks, city projects, class assignments are given long before the due date so that we can adequately prepare to deliver in due time. Nutrition, exercise, and wellness are no different. I’d like to encourage you to use some of the tools that we’ve talked about before in terms of mindset and reflection and gathering ourselves before application. Can you imagine if the Dallas Cowboys took to the field without drawing up their offense, taking inventory of their current team, or worse…even going over the playbook? They’d be worse than they already are (*cough…Dr. Gina…cough*)! Here’s some reflection questions and follow-up steps to get you started: 1) Take inventory of your current health status. Are you where you want to be? Is change in the cards? 2) Set fitness or even simply movement goals for yourself. 3) Understand that nutrition is 80% of the process and meal prep accordingly for the longevity (like we talked about last week), aesthetics, or performance goals that you may have. *Use this website, under advanced mode, and dm us if you have additional questions on how to get you on your desired path: 4) Make a list for the week and be diligent at the grocery store when making these purchases (aka keep right on walking past the Hostess aisle). 5) Have fallback options. If you know that you will be getting hungry between your spaced-out meals, then have a plan of attack. Mine, for example, is carbonated water like bubbly, among others. I eat very satiating meals, but if hunger still tends to seep in, a carbonated beverage usually does the trick, until I next eat. Now when we look at steps 3-5, I prefer to take care of this on Sundays. Granted, the occasional grocery run does still take place when your wife is 36 weeks pregnant. (If she wants a pop tart, I’m getting a dang pop tart ha). For whatever reason, there happens to be a stigma when it comes to meal prepping. I think people tend to overestimate how much time that it will really take up. The key is to having a system that works best for you and your family. First off, consider how much time you are actually saving throughout the week if you have the availability to take care of it in one couple hour window. Secondly, it gets easier with practice. I promise. Especially in terms of weighing out and portion sizes, etc., you will slowly begin to recognize, just visually, how much is needed. If you are not used to this kind of system, I get it. Truly. In fact, not every single meal needs to be planned for the entire week. Perhaps you and your family have a large family dinner on Wednesday nights. Don’t abandon that entirely as I think most fondly of my time with my folks and siblings around the table. Yet, also understand that it only takes 3500 calories in excess to gain a pound of unwanted weight. That’s only 500 more every day for a week. That can add up super quick if we aren’t careful. Some final logistical thoughts: -In my opinion, Pyrex containers work best for stacking and preparedness. -Should the worst happen and you do forget your meal (or you forget an ice pack and the meat is warm…been there) have a back-up restaurant prepared mentally that aligns pretty similarly with what that meal would have been. For me, that’s Chipotle. -Most importantly, don’t make this into an undesirable chore. Meal-prepping can be an absolute blast and there are some amazing things that you can cook up well in advance to just be used a few days later. Whether you are a novice or seasoned vet when it comes to nutrition, meal prepping, or just improving your overall health in 2021 we are committed to helping you become the best version of yourself that you can be. Please, hit us up with any additional questions that you may have and/or any strategies that you have used that have set you up for success in the past! Until next time, Brock Baumgarn CA, Nutrition Consultant, Health 1st Chiropractic

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