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One Year Later

Roughly 365 days ago, something called a coronavirus hit the United States when a man tested positive in the lovely state of WA. The virus spread rapidly, and our government (as did many governments across the globe) took the deemed necessary precautions to shut our world down until we could learn more about this new foe.


I personally believed us to be down-for-the-count for a maximum of two weeks. However, the virus’ effects continued to grow and unknown symptoms continued to surface, and well…here we are.


Now, look. I know that the last thing that you want to hear is something else about the virus. Besides the recent election and social strife, it dominated headlines arguably more than any other item of the 2020 campaign. Yet, if you were the director of this movie, would you be happy with the ending? Or even our current scene?


Everyone has heard the comparison of adversity shaping people, like incredible pressure shapes diamonds. If, in fact, the pressure was any less, we’d have far from the glowing masterpieces that we now label some of the world’s most valued treasures.


But, here is my question: with all the pressures affiliated with COVID-19 around us, have we become more diamond-like? Has adversity really shaped us into “better” people or has it merely brought to life the wickedness that lies within? I’d argue strongly in favor of the latter, as evidenced by continual finger-pointing and blaming and name-calling all the while looking for some white knight and scape goat, simultaneously.


Here’s my point: COVID-19 has presented us with a golden opportunity to learn, to grow, to count our blessings, and to become the best version of ourselves that we can be. We can always hypothesize how we will respond when the going gets tough in days of peace and tranquility. But when it actually got real…how did we react? When a candidate enters Basic Training, he/she knows that some days will be downright miserable. It is his/her duty to “embrace the suck” and become all the better for it on the other side. There is something different in a newly commissioned Marine. No one can deny that. Why is it so hard for us to not do the same in our daily lives?


Listen: whether Joe Biden, or Donald Trump, or Ronald Reagan or FDR was our president, that has NOTHING to do with what kind of man or woman you decide to be. And I fear that our country has honestly put too much faith in one man (dare I say, one vaccine), to make all the difference in the world. Can those individuals help/hurt our cause? Without a doubt. But, so can things like lethargy and laziness and anxiety and fear, if we let them. A little slip here or there doesn’t seem like a big deal. “It’s just during the pandemic,” we tell ourselves.


Still, I didn’t write to y’all today to prophecy doom and gloom. The good news is that it is not too late and you’re not responsible for changing the country, as a whole. No man or woman can do that. But what you CAN do is change your thought process, your habits, your attitude; thus seeing a slightly better you tomorrow than you were today. And you know what? Momentum carries, and all of a sudden, your relationships start to improve, your family starts to become stronger, and your overall view on life becomes a little more clearer.


My challenge to you is this: next time you want to blame the President, or the virus, or anything/anyone else, realize whom you are responsible for…you. Before hitting “send,” ask, “will this uplift the recipient, or will it tear them down?” Before replying with a snide remark, think about whom that is benefitting. Literally, no one. And you know what? People are watching you, and maybe, just maybe, they will imitate your behavior when they go home to their families. Slowly, but surely, you see a country changing from the inside out. From home to social gathering to community to city to state to nation. America just needs a spark. What say you, Inver Grove Heights? Here. Here’s the match…


Until next time,

– Brock Baumgarn, CA, Nutrition Consultant, Health 1st Chiropractic

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