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Water Skiing and Why it's Relevant

Water Skiing-

How was your 4th of July?  This past Independence Day, Ethan, Eliana, and I were invited to my best friends’ cabin at Lake Vermillion.  What a blast it was!  We enjoyed great company, played on the lake, and celebrated our great nation! On our drive back, I was reflecting over the weekend’s events and found a relevant story that I’d like to share.  I’ll start with a question.  Do any of you have “that thing” that’s been hanging over your head?  Could be past regret, could be something that you have yet to prove, could be just an external obstacle that you’ve promised yourself you will conquer!  For me, that thing was water skiing.  Four years ago, we were at the Lake and I was determined to water ski.  Well, I tried.  And then, I tried again.  And again.  And again.  I never did get up that day.  In fact, it left me feeling so fired up, that I haven’t attempted to ski again in 4 years.  However, this past 4th, I decided that this was the weekend. Anyone who has attempted (or is fluent in) water skiing can relate to this, but finally getting up on the skis was a far different experience than I had envisioned.  See, four years ago, I fought and fought with the rope, white-knuckled, pulling and fighting and believing that at some point, my “hard work” would pay off.  This year, I approached it a little differently, I sat back on the skis (and as you can see from our social media video) and I trusted the pull of the boat, allowing it’s forward momentum and the way that the skis have been properly manufactured to put me in the right position.  On the first try!  Obviously, this was satisfying in and of itself, but as I was reflecting later, I think there is a big application element to this story. We have heard the phrase “unprecedented times” in the last 4 months as much as “good morning” (aka a lot), but there is some validity to knowing how to navigate through the current unknown.  I say “navigate” and not “get through,” for a reason.  Innately, as humans, we habitually attempt to avoid pain and take the easy way out.  I’m asking you to challenge that way of thinking.  Especially as it pertains to our current circumstances.  Instead of seeking every possible avenue out of the pain and attempting to control our daily lives; allow the stressors and the pressure to mold you into the person that you were created to be.  Embrace the change, and let go of the reins a little and see what happens!  At the other side of this pandemic, whenever that may be, I believe that you will see a definitive divide in our culture between those whom coasted through and sought escape vs. those who embraced the unknown and became a much stronger person, in the process. There have been so many times in my life where I attempted to dictate my next steps and control every aspect of my life.  At the end of that season, I wasn’t even where I wanted to be.  I still felt unfulfilled and not where I had pictured myself in my state of mind.  Other times, I trusted the process that the Lord was taking me through and was amazed at what was at the end of the tunnel!  Thus, in two words:  “Let Go.”  Don’t actively attempt to jump out of the process that’s shaping you.  If it’s unhealthy, that is one thing, but I want to encourage you to remember some of the hardest times in your life and what that yielded!  Have a great week “y’all,” as they say in Texas (though, I gotta admit, these Vikings are wearing on me…SKOL!)!

Until next time,

Dr. Gina

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